Lisa Maguire Fiction

The Caseys of Killeen (pt 1)

My great-great grandfather, Patrick Casey, was born in 1845, the first year the potato crop failed. Summer was always the hungry time, when people had eaten all of the potatoes from the previous autumn, and lived on foraged roots and nettles waiting for the new potatoes, which were dug up in August. The new potatoes […]

Ethics into Action

When I started working at a horse rescue earlier this year, my husband put a book in my hands. Ethics Into Action is not just for animal lovers but for anyone who has ever felt the urge to right a wrong.  The book is an account of the life and work of Henry Spira, who did more […]

Calling Doctor Hackenbush…

I recently started working as a volunteer at a horse rescue here in Connecticut. The barn has about a dozen unwanted draft horses salvaged from feedlot auctions. Many of them are workhorses from Amish country and know how to pull a cart or a plow. The rescue hopes to turn them into lesson horses, therapy horses, or, […]

Walk, Memory

This evening I am going for a walk in Paris.  I am mapping a tour for a friend who has never been there. She wants me to show her the ‘real’ Paris, far away from tourists.  But she will be a tourist, stuck in that familiar trope of wanting an ‘authentic’ experience. The tourist Paris is […]

Tony Judt

I am reading Thinking the Twentieth Century, by my old teacher, Tony Judt. There will be no more books from Tony, who died in 2010 from Lou Gehrig’s disease. Thinking was dictated to Tim Snyder and takes the form of conversations between them, so you can really hear his voice on the page. But in conversation Tony sounded […]


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